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Style Dog: A collection with and for dogs from animal shelters or from the street.

The philosophy behind Claudia Hagn's "Style Dog" dog collection, explained by brand ambassador Teddy🐻, who himself was a beaten chain dog from Andalusia:

Black logo of a collection on a white background
Style Dog Logo by Claudia Hagn

"Style Dog is a designer collection by my mum, Claudia Hagn. The motifs she has created are actual street dogs and dogs from animal shelters. This collection is intended to give these poor souls a creative chance of visibility so that more dogs are adopted and, of course, fewer are abandoned. It is a matter close to Mum's heart, which is a lot of work for her and does not mean any financial gain for her due to the low margins. But that's not what it's all about for her!☝️

My mum has been actively involved in animal welfare all her life. She started neutering stray cats at her own expense at a young age, providing them with medical care and ultimately placing them in loving hands. During her many professional trips abroad to often very poor countries, she naturally did not overlook the many needy dogs, cats, donkeys, horses, elephants etc. there. Whenever she could, she took care of the maltreated souls and never tired of showing the locals a little more compassion through diplomatic channels. 😊

Two small street dogs hide between wood and rubbish and are afraid
Frightened and hungry puppies

Unfortunately, the misery of animals worldwide is so great that such small relief efforts, which nevertheless cost a lot of money and effort, are just a drop in the ocean. It breaks Mum's heart every day when she sees the suffering of countless abandoned and often sick dogs on Facebook. Like many animal lovers, she would love to save them all. But of course, that's not possible! Above all, the biggest problem in animal welfare is the lack of lobbying and therefore, often also the lack of money. Society tends to be reluctant to deal with the suffering of animals and the people who care for them. However, they overlook the fact that animal welfare work is work that serves the common good...☝️🤓

Mum thought about how she could use her creativity and expertise in collection development and marketing to help more widely. She didn't have to think long because my mum is a clever little vixen. 🤓🦊

Simsalabim, she developed the logo and philosophy for Style Dog overnight:

Small cages in which abandoned dogs are locked up and waiting to be adopted
Dogs in a terrible animal shelter

The dogs that can be seen in the pictures have existed or still exist. They were or are dogs that either lived on the street or were or still are waiting for adoption in animal shelters.

To create the designs, my mum paints or edits the motifs of the real dogs she chooses and creates unique products from them. Each dog featured is also allowed to tell their own personal story here on the blog that I run. The best thing is: dogs who are still hoping to be adopted have the outstanding opportunity to tell where they are waiting for a loving person.🥰

The collection starts with Mum's three own dogs so far:

  • Johnny, the Chow-Chow mongrel from China (street dog)

  • Me, Teddy, the beaten chain dog from Andalusia (also Chow-Chow)

  • Nero, the old German/Belgian shepherd dog from Mallorca, who spent half his life vegetating in animal shelters in a terrible state of health.

A big hungry and dirty street dog lying on a bridge hoping for food.
Johnny, Claudia Hagn's first dog. Rescued from the streets of China in 1999

Of course, our mum got all three of us and other dogs, which she passed on, from animal welfare or from the street herself. We will also be telling our individual stories here on the blog.

I'm really excited because this innovative collection gives us Wuffis the chance to draw attention to an important topic by giving mum the chance to design cool and cute motifs of us and make great products with them. You can buy these in the web shop or in selected dog shops. I am so happy because I know how bad it is to be unloved and mistreated while waiting for love and happiness!

But now the platform is officially open, and I want everyone to realise that: Dogs that have not been as lucky as the three of us and are still waiting in shelters for a loving human being will be immortalised artistically. Above all, they can introduce themselves here in the blog, tell their rather sad stories and say where they are waiting to be adopted.😍 Isn't that great?

Blonde woman in a red dress with a blonde dog that she cuddles
My mum and me

The products can be purchased via Etsy and Redbubble. The products are printed or embroidered individually for each order. This ensures that attention is paid to sustainability and exclusivity.

Delivery time is between 5 and 10 days.

Animal welfare organisations who would like to take this opportunity for their sad furry friends who have yet to be rehomed are welcome to contact us via E-Mail to my Mami contact her. She will then explain everything in detail. The same applies to dog shop owners who are interested in the collection. 😃

If you want to support the concept:

Like please on Instagram and Facebook the pages of Mallorca-Brands.

Like, comment and share this blog post.

Buy the products and carry the message out into the world, and best of all:

ADOPT one of the stray dogs🙌❣️"

Thank you Dir❣️

Your Teddy 😘

Gezeichneter Hundekopf der eine Sonnenbrille trägt
Design: Im just cool by Claudia Hagn
Some designs and product examples:

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