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End customers have the opportunity to purchase valuable and exclusive products from my 
textile development studio "Textile Concepts".

These are fine woven fabrics that I have lovingly created and technically realised. These high-quality textiles have been or will be further processed into home textiles or clothing. The designer products can also be customised on request. The pieces are available in limited quantities or as one-offs (unique items). Designed and developed in Mallorca. The production locations of the fabrics vary. The manufacturing is mainly carried out in Germany & Mallorca. The supply chain is transparent. It is important to me that my products give pleasure and that their high value is recognised.

Teddy - Mallorcas coolest dog - ambassador Mallorca Brands
Claudia Hagn Textile Fashion Interior Designer

But why is a dog my brand ambassador? It's simple: I'm a big animal lover and support animal welfare organisations in their work or give poor animals a good home myself. I use a lot of my (hard-earned) money to help animals. Sometimes more than I have myself, because I want to reduce the misery on this earth a little. My beloved brand ambassador Teddy will gradually introduce which animals or organisations I support in his blog. Teddy was a former beaten chain dog from Andalusia and I saved him from being killed by adopting him. Unfortunately, he died of cancer at Easter 2023. He will always live on in my heart because he was my soul dog. He stood by me in my hardest times.


The webshop can be found on Etsy under MallorcaBrands.

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Thanks for your good reviews on Etsy. We will do our best for you! If you have any questions or problems, we are always happy to help.

(Etsy is a company founded in 2005 Ecommerce-site or online marketplace  for buying and selling handmade products, Vintage, artist and designer products.)

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Created in Hell by Claudia Hagn

Created in Hell
"devil inside" bathrobe

Sexy bathrobe made of high quality velor in woven jacquard technique. Limited quantity available. Exclusive fabric and style designed by Claudia Hagn (jacquard fabric designer). 

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