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Interior for exclusive projects

Rosa Hotel Empfangshalle

My workplace is in one of the most beautiful places in Europe.

Under the Mallorcan sun, I design and develop high-quality textile and interior collections for the industry.

But also discerning operators of

  • luxury boutique hotels

  • yacht fitters

  • yacht owners

  • private individuals,

who want to furnish their domiciles exclusively with specially created fabrics and furniture also find their way to me.


On request, I am happy to create customised designs and interiors for discerning tastes and - in line with my experience in creating themed worlds for the industry - build exclusive overall concepts in private residences, ships or designer hotels.


This opportunity for end customers is unique. Because my possibilities and work go far beyond those of a textile or interior designer. As I create and technically realise fabrics according to industry standards, my possibilities are almost limitless when it comes to creating unique spatial worlds.


Please feel free to contact me. I explicitly offer individually designed and produced:

Fabrics, which I then have made up into

- curtains

- bed linen

- tablecloths

- or for upholstered seating furniture

  • Bathroom textiles (towels, shower towels, bath mats, bathrobes)

  • Carpets (rolled for large objects or fitted carpets and runners)

  • Unusual light fittings made from hand-painted silk

  • lamps

  • Room dividers

  • Wallpaper and paintings

  • Beds

  • Miscellaneous furniture 

  • Accessories for the home



I create trend books for the industry and also build themed worlds for non-industrial customers based on them.

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