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textile design

Design and collection creation

...are, in addition to textile technology, 

our core areas. We create designs and fabric collections for well-known companies worldwide - partly in permanent employment, partly freelance -   and are therefore the professional contact in the field of design and development of high-quality fabrics and end products.

We developed for Benetton, Tom Tailor, Otto Versand, Bosch, Vossen and many more


Harmonious color compositions, which are matched to the design, give the collection the right "paint". Coloring is an art, just like designing itself.

In this area, too, we support our customers in a professional manner.


Using state-of-the-art software and hardware, especially for the textile development sector, we are able to create attractive documents and presentations.

In addition to technically feasible drafts and technical implementations for the weaving machines, we also use them to create fabric simulations and 3D simulations.

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