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My Designer-Webshops at Etsy and Redbubble (b2c)

Designer Webshop Mallorca Brands

End customers have the opportunity to buy valuable and extraordinary designer pieces in my two webshops on Etsy and Redbubble. The shop is called: "Mallorca Brands"

Handebemalte Tunika - Designer Unikat von Claudia Hagn

Order from existing collections

Become a retailer partner of Claudia Hagn's own brands:

You can order ready-made designs from Claudia Hagn's collections on products from the following basic products. The collections currently available are:

Some designs from these collections are already available on a wide range of products in the webshop of Mallorca Brands.

The variety of products available for printing and embroidery is huge, so that not all possibilities have been exhausted yet.

If you miss a particular product in the individual collections, you can request it. The designer will then realise it and add it to the range from then on. However, you would be the first retailer to have the product in your hands.

The system is suitable, for example, for stocking boutiques, home or pet shops that want to add a genuine and limited designer collection to their range in this way. Such contractual partners are simultaneously involved in the marketing campaigns of Textile-Concepts and Concept-House.Solutions.

You will also receive all the important documents you need to optimise your product range.

Minimum order quantity per product: 1 piece


You are welcome to send your request for further details.

Bademantel _devil inside_ von der Kollektion _Created im Hell_ von Claudia Hagn

Request dealer catalogue

Ask for the dealer catalogue or contact us for an appointment.

Thank you for your message!
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