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Training, lectures, consultations


Due to many years of extensive international expertise, we hold training courses, lectures or are available to advise the textile industry in the following areas:


Textile technology fabric production (shaft and jacquard of all product areas)


  • weaving technology

  • textile design

  • coloration

  • collection development and construction

  • concept development

  • theme creation - total concepts

  • brand building and brand building

  • Patent development in the textile sector

  • assortment textile & living (interior)

  • branding

  • marketing

  • sales

  • structure formation

  • management

  • company building

  • and many more

    We focus on:

  • Students in the fields of textile design and textile development

  • Employees of textile producing producers



ONLINE courses:
Textile design / textile technology

for professionals and for

Book here for yourself or your employees individually
Online training in the field of tissue production:

  • Weaving theory (shaft and jacquard weaving)

  • Design, coloring, creation of collections

  • or we also offer workshops for end customers,
    who generally answer textile questions

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