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my fabric areas

I am an expert in the design and development of subsequent fabric types, as I have never stopped training in jacquard weaving and textile production.

Bath & Spa

Terry towels with jacquard border and embroidery by Claudia Hagn

Terry cloth

I started my textile career in a terry weaving mill called Floringo. I worked there for over 4 years and held the position of studio manager.

My job was to design high-quality terry towelling products such as towels, shower towels, bath towels, beach towels, bath mats and bathrobes for the hospitality and retail sector and to implement them technically for weaving and embroidery (punching). I was also responsible for quality development in order to use new innovative yarns with outstanding properties for the new collections. Since then, terry towelling has been one of my core areas.

Terry fabrics are cotton fabrics with small loops on both sides. The loops are created exclusively by the warp. The fabric is of high quality. In the case of inferior terry towelling, the effect is simulated by the use of loop yarn.

Bedroom - Bed linen

Bettwäsche und Kissen - Jacquardgewebte Designs von Claudia Hagn

Bed linen / pillows / bedspreads

During my time as a freelancer, I increasingly focussed on patterning and developing sophisticated designs in the field of flat woven fabrics. Luxurious fabrics for bed linen fall into this area.

I developed bed linen collections in dobby or jacquard technique on behalf of customers and also for my own brands to create exclusive damask bed linen.

Furthermore I created appealing unique collections with quality development for special care properties for the hotel and hospital sector.

Damasks are densely woven jacquard fabrics made from alternating warp and weft satin weaves to achieve the highest possible lustre. They are mainly used for bed linen and table linen.

Bedroom - Mattress

Matratzenstoff in gewebter Jacquardtechnik

Mattress fabrics

One day, I received an enquiry from a weaving mill for mattress fabrics in South Africa asking if I could train their designers in weaving techniques. I had already designed and technically realised many hollow and double weaves for men's fashion fabrics, but mattress fabrics were not my speciality.


I really wanted to go to SA and so I dived into the subject. I also prepared training materials for the 3 designers to be trained. I was in Cape Town 4 times for 4 weeks each to get the team ready. In the end, I was even offered the job of studio manager...

Mattress fabrics or mattress ticking are strong woven fabrics in twill or satin weave as a hollow fabric with filling wefts. The fabrics must be soft and robust.

Living room & interior

Edle Dekostoffe in Jacquard und bestickt von Claudia Hagn

Decorative fabrics & upholstery fabrics

Elegant designs and colour schemes, in the context of the use of fancy yarns, make the decorative fabrics and upholstery fabrics I create particularly elegant pieces.

After I have created the designs, I create the corresponding technical files for the Jacquard machines of the electronic looms using the highest art of weaving technology. Especially in the area of decorative fabrics and upholstery fabrics, I can create almost endlessly elegant fabrics by using fancy yarns. For use in curtains, cushion covers, blankets, etc.

Fancy yarns are yarns with intentional irregularities and inclusions (e.g. slub yarns, flame yarns etc.) They are mostly used for decorative fabrics, upholstery fabrics and fashion fabrics.

Carpets & Rugs

Hotelflur mit gewebtem Teppich

Carpets, runners & tapestries

I have also designed carpets and tapestries and realised the texture technique for electronic Jacquard machines. This weaving technique differs fundamentally from loop or flat weaving and requires extensive knowledge of weaving techniques.

To a certain extent, tapestries are monumental, woven wall paintings.


The images on them are usually just as masterfully executed as paintings in museums, both in terms of their precision, colouring and often extremely detailed composition.

A distinction is made between carpets as wall hangings or floor coverings. This speciality is extremely extensive in its subdivisions, which I will not list here.

Tableware & kitchen textiles

Geschirrtücher in Jacquardweberei von Claudia Hagn

Table linen / kitchen towels / aprons

Creating elegant woven table linen, kitchen towels and aprons for the retail or hotel sector requires in-depth expertise in weaving techniques and warping. A fine jacquard-woven tea towel, as shown here in the photo, requires a high degree of understanding of weaving techniques in order to realise the desired design perfectly.

When it comes to design, I prefer to create coherent sets in different colours.


So: tablecloth, napkin, table runner, placemat, tea towel & apron as a matching assortment.

Jacquard fabric is the collective term for fabrics with a large repeat (more than 32 warp threads of different weaves in the repeat), patterned fabrics that can only be produced with a jacquard machine.

Fashion fabrics for menshirting & women wear

Gewebter edler Modestoff

Fashion fabrics

Before I ventured into self-employment, I expanded my technical knowledge at Christian Dierig GmbH. There I worked in the studio for fashion fabrics. (men's shirt fabrics and blouse fabrics)

The company developed an extensive collection of men's shirt fabrics twice a year, which were presented to international trade customers during Premiere Vision in Paris. Customers included Signum, Olymp, Hatico, Boss etc. 

At Dierig, I significantly deepened my knowledge of weaving technology in the area of flat woven fabrics.

In weaving, weave theory, also known as weave technology, deals with the systematics of intersections of warp and weft in fabrics. A crossing of threads is referred to as a weave. I have developed more than 5000 weaves.

Clothing damasks for Africa

Bekleidungsdamast (Afrikadamast) von Claudia Hagn

African damasks

At Christian Dierig GmbH, I also gained in-depth expertise in the area of African damasks. I was solely responsible for this area in terms of design and technical realisation. During my subsequent self-employment, I produced designs and technical elaborations for many well-known German damask exporters: 

  • Christian Dierig GmbH

  • Hüpeden GmbH & Co

  • Barilux GmbH

  • Getex GmbH

  • and for the orders of contract weaving mill Ertex GmbH

African damask is used specifically for the production of the African "boubou". For this noble garment, lustre, robustness and the so-called "crunch" are particularly important. The design of the African damask must follow clear guidelines and later be clearly recognisable in the fabric.

Technical fabrics

Impression eines technischen Gewebes

Functional fabrics

Technical fabrics in particular require the in-depth expertise of a textile professional to produce.

One order from this fabric sector was particularly exciting: I was commissioned by a technical weaving mill to technically realise a special airbag for tanks. As the manufacture of such an unusual airbag was very time-consuming, I was asked to develop a suitable hollow fabric that would make the manufacture unnecessary. In this way, the airbag could be cut out directly after weaving and then simply finished.

Technical textiles, collective term for textile products used for industrial purposes, such as car upholstery fabrics, blankets, filters, conveyor belts, airbags, canvas, insulating mats, tarpaulins, tent fabrics, etc.

Wallpapers and textile murals

Abgepaßte Tapete - exklusive Kundenanfertigung von Claudia Hagn

Wallpapers and textile murals

I normally work exclusively for the textile industry. However, companies from other sectors and private individuals also approach me time and again to help with their projects.


In the photo here, I was commissioned to design and furnish a villa with customised wallpaper and matching textiles. Each room was completely unique, with customised wallpaper to the client's specifications.

I also occasionally receive enquiries from ship and yacht fitters and interior designers who are looking for individual designs and products for their discerning clients.

High-quality wallpapers are also available as textile fabrics. They are produced using the same techniques as other textile weaving processes. In the case of printed wallpaper, the motif is printed on, which can be equally demanding in terms of design.

My hobby: hand-painted fabrics & silk

Handbemalte Stoffe & Seide von Claudia Hagn Textildesignerin

Functional fabrics

My job is my hobby and so even in my free time I can't help but get involved with design and textiles. With silk fabrics, as you can see here, a 1x1 metre piece of fabric can take up to 4 weeks to perfect.

Hand-painted silk embodies a unique form of exclusivity and sophistication. On this subject, I already had an enquiry to furnish a huge yacht with hand-painted silk fabrics. The Russian ship owner only wanted the fabrics to be designed by a German textile designer. Time and money were not an issue. Silk fabrics (woven or hand-painted) are works of art.

The finesse of the craftsmanship and attention to detail make hand-painted silk a true symbol of elegance and style. Its exclusivity lies not only in its beauty, but also in the artistic vision and craftsmanship that goes into each piece.

A few more impressions of my range of services:

Terry weaving bathrobe in Kimono style

Kimono bathrobe made of 100% cotton terry towelling.

Claudia Hagn Exclusive Collection Towels

Exclusive towel series made of 100% cotton terry towelling by Claudia Hagn. Woven and embroidered by Weseta in Switzerland.

Claudia Hagn Exclusive Collection Bed and Bath

Overall concept for home textiles by Claudia Hagn. Consisting of 3 different bed linen designs that match the exclusive towels and bathrobes. In combination, each collection has its own fragrance line as a room fragrance.

Modern bedroom with black and white bed linen

Complete set for a modern bedroom. Consisting of bedspread, bedspread, decorative cushions and curtains.

Claudia Hagn Exklusiv Kollektion Jacquardbettwäsche

Jacquard woven bed linen collection, made in Germany from 100% cotton. Design and technical realisation by Claudia Hagn.

Armchair with jacquard fabric

Tone-on-tone woven fabric in jacquard technique on an opulent armchair.

Claudia Hagn Exclusive Collection Table linen

Stripe design woven in jacquard technique for the exclusive table linen collection by Claudia Hagn.

Fine jacquard tea towels by Claudia Hagn

3er Serie zusammenpassender Geschirrtücher in Jacquard gewebt von Claudia Hagn.

Claudia Hagn Exclusive Collection Curtains

Ornamental design in the curtain and bolster. Jacquard fabric by Claudia Hagn.

Claudia Hagn Exclusive Collection Jacquard bed linen

50% cotton and 50% linen. This is the natural line of the Claudia Hagn exclusive collection, woven in Germany. Matching fuller's wool towels, woven in Switzerland.

Bedroom with fine bed linen and pillows

Opulent bedroom with box-spring bed, decorative cushions, bedspread, curtains and decorative stool.

Modern loft with chilli out sofas

Modern interior design with patterned carpet, decorative cushions and customised wallpaper.

Hotelzimmer mit Bettwäsche

Stylish hotel room with timeless decorative cushions.

Jacquard towels by Claudia Hagn

Towels for men in grey and brown. Design cube by Claudia Hagn. Jacquard woven.

Modern hotel room with fine textiles

Inviting hotel room with modern interior and textiles.

Pop art hotel room with fine textiles

Pop art hotel room with decorative armchairs and matching carpets and textiles.

Living room with decorative cushions

Timeless living room in black and white with decorative cushions.

Edles Sofa mit bunten Kissen

Grey fabric sofa with patterned and plain-coloured decorative cushions.

Hotelbettwäsche in weiß und gold

Elegant hotel room with white and gold bed linen.

Hotelbett mit bunten Dekokissen

Hotel room with decorative cushions: striped, plain and small patterned design.

Terry towelling for the hospitality sector

White towels for the hotel sector (Hospitality/Sustainability).

Jacquard Handtücher von Claudia Hagn

Modern, colourful woven towels in 100% cotton, boiled quality with elegant lancet border. Jacquard woven. Design and technical realisation by Claudia Hagn.

Küchentücher jacquardgewebt von Claudia Hagn

Set of three tea towels. 100% cotton in an attractive aubergine and purple colour. Jacquard woven in Germany. Design and technical realisation by Claudia Hagn.

Edle Jacquard Geschirrtücher von Claudia Hagn

3 matching tea towels in jacquard pattern. Fine quality. Colour blue with violet. Design and technical realisation by Claudia Hagn.

Colourful woven kitchen towels in jacquard technique by Claudia Hagn

3 coordinated designs for kitchen towels and kitchen towels. High-quality woven in jacquard technique. 100% cotton with lovingly realised design. Design and technical realisation by Claudia Hagn.

Design and programming by Claudia Hagn

Tea towels with kitchen herbs in two different designs. Fine quality made from 100% cotton. Jacquard weave. Design and technical realisation by Claudia Hagn.

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