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Theme worlds / design worlds

Our unique selling point is the creation of theme worlds and overall concepts. That means we always think and plan as a whole concept, from A - Z, and thus create entire worlds.

In contrast to most other designers, our specialty is:

Packing topics for the needs of the customer in such a way that the viewer is completely picked up in this world. Only producing individual designs is not our ambition, even if this is of course possible.

Customers come to us who often only have a vague vision and want us to create a world out of it. With this in mind, we develop:

  1. the concept including the topic

  2. the world of colors

  3. the product world including the qualities

  4. create the designs of the products

  5. technically implement the designs for production

  6. the marketing strategy

  7. the marketing material

  8. the presentation

  9. the branding in general including logos etc

  10. the sales strategie

Claudia Hagn Portfolio-Textildesign 2018

In this way, product worlds are created that can go far beyond the textile product range. In the past, in combination with the textile world, we have also developed the following products:

  • wallpapers

  • perfumes and room fragrances

  • jewellery

  • dishes

  • furniture

  • books related to the topic

  • interior design for presentation purposes

Such theme worlds and overall concepts can also be created in small, non-industrial areas. For example, for exclusive projects in the yacht sector, villas and building extensions as well as boutique hotels. You will find a more detailed section on this website: Under Interior you can read more about non-industrial customers.

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