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Marketing for the textile industry: Concept-House.Solutions

White and red logo on a black background of an advertising agency for the textile industry
Logo Concept-House.Solutions

Since creating and marketing my first own brands in 2008, I have been increasingly involved in marketing, branding and sales.

During this time, I managed to secure some attractive co-operations with retailers such as Otto Versand, Essenza Home, Pabo, Fegros and many other well-known wholesalers and retailers in Germany, Austria and Holland.

Some television channels also became aware of my work. As a result, I was repeatedly given airtime, either to offer my expertise in an advisory capacity when products were being tested, for example, or to actually present my own collections and products in person.

Of course, this also included the appropriate product presentation by means of appealing catalogues, flyers and film clips in order to present the theme worlds to potential bulk buyers in the best possible way. I therefore took part in photography courses so that I could take appealing photos professionally on my own and set up my own photo studio.

Together with a small team of graphic designers and programmers, I took on this challenge and also set up a marketing agency within my textile development office. I learnt to perfect specialist skills that I was previously less familiar with by working in a team. This included website and shop programming.

Since 2009, we have branded and marketed my own brands as well as the collections of industrial clients for high-quality home textile collections from A-Z. The agency continued to grow. Thanks to my now comprehensive knowledge of design, weaving technology, marketing, branding and sales, I later received an attractive job offer from the Indian group Welspun Global Brands as General Manager Europe Sales. With the task of selling their high-quality terry towelling and bed linen to retailers and 4-6 star hotels throughout Europe, I was finally able to make optimum use of all my previous knowledge to achieve the best possible presentations and thus sales results.

I have been self-employed again for a few years now and, in addition to the new textile development office "Textile-Concepts", I now also have a new on offer.

The marketing office specialises in branding, marketing and sales for the textile industry.

There is no more professional service for both areas (textile design/technology & marketing/sales).

Please send us your enquiry if you need expert support for your textile company.

You can find more information about the marketing agency's services directly at


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