textile technology


represent the basis of every tissue.

With more than 5000 textures for jacquard and dobby fabrics, we have a comprehensive archive for effect fabrics for the home textiles and fashion sector.

Likewise, our developers are involved in the development of technical fabrics familar like Airbags, for example. African damasks are another specialty of the house.

Due to the special textile-technical knowledge of our textile designers, it is possible to create outstanding collections that bring design and technology in perfect harmony and thus create new and innovative looks.

Example: Deco and Fashion

Cutted fabrics, Lancés, double fabrics (with and without filling weft). With basic technical knowledge is the imagination and the fantasy, as far as the design much higher, as if one would only resort to pure design.   

Our farbic professionals will give you ideas on how new optics are made - for decoration or fashion fabrics


In close cooperation with the customer, fabric and product collections will be created.

Example: Hometextile

Durable home textiles are subject to a high load capacity.

The realization of design requirements in resilient materials and products is subject to a high level of technical know-how in the field of textile production.

Mattress fabrics, towels, bed linen therefore represent special challenges to meet all criteria, since one is bound to various technical basics.

But sometimes also developments of special patents help to present something new ...

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