Conceptual textile development agency for the textile industry and private clients

(home textiles, fashion, technical fabrics)

Book here individually for yourself or your employees
online training in the field of fabric production:

  • texture training for dobby and jacquard weaving

  • design, coloring, creation of collections

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Our Service:

 Concept Development                       
 Marketing, Branding and Sales       
 Productions / Order exchange         
 Product Areas                                    
 Textile Design / Fashion Design      
 Textile Technology                             
Training / Lecture / Consulting 
Total Concepts / Genres
 Interior For Exclusive Projects

You are textile manufacturer, dealer or want to become one and seek help in the areas of:
Development, design, technology, purchasing, marketing, sales and management?

Or are you an architecture office, property developer, yacht builder, hotel operator, yacht / villa owner etc and generally need individual concepts and design for your exclusive projects?

Then you are right here, because:

  • We are a German, internationally active conceptional consulting agency in the field of textile product development

  • We undertake crisis management and business structuring or construction of textile industrial companies

  • We create exclusive textile collections and buy for our customers

  • But we are also well versed in marketing and sales, as a marketing and branding agency is involved

  • We create brands and have already placed successful private labels on the market

  • We have a photo studio for taking pictures

  • We have worldwide contacts to producers and provide also investors or production partners

  • Our core areas: fabric developments and collections for jacquard / shawl, printing, embroidery + product development

  • Areas: Home textiles, fashion, technical fabrics

  • Our clients are Retail, Hospitality, Institutional: Weaving mills, Retailers, Resellers, Label Manufacturers, Shippers, Associations, Airlines, Hotels, Cruise Liners, Laundries, Public Utilities, etc.

  • We have been successfully working in the textile industry for more than 25 years and have worldwide experience in production and management

  • Experience abroad: India, Pakistan, China, West Africa, South Africa, Turkey, pre-war Syria, USA, gen. Western Europe

  • Our clients are well-known

  • We work in the most beautiful place in the world, where a business trip always gives pleasure and opens horizons ...

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