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"Style Dog" - Charity-Collection

The "Style Dog" collection is a designer collection to give publicity to stray dogs.

The motifs I have created are real-life street dogs and dogs from animal shelters, which I have artistically staged. My wish is to give these poor souls a creative chance of visibility through this collection, so that more dogs are adopted and, of course, fewer are abandoned. 

I have been actively involved in animal welfare since I was very young. I started neutering stray cats at my own expense at a young age, providing them with medical care and finally placing them in loving hands.

During my numerous business trips to often less privileged countries, I could not help but notice the many animals in need - be it dogs, cats, donkeys, horses, elephants and so on. Whenever possible, I dedicated myself to these mistreated souls and tried to diplomatically raise awareness for compassion among the locals.

The extent of animal suffering worldwide is unfortunately so enormous that even such well-intentioned small actions, which nevertheless require a lot of money and effort, can hardly bring about any noticeable change when viewed in the big picture. It is gruelling to be confronted daily on Facebook with the suffering of countless abandoned and often sick dogs. Like many animal lovers, I would love to save every single one. But of course that is not possible.

The main problem in animal welfare is above all the limited lobby and, as a result, often the lack of financial resources. Society shows little inclination to concern itself with the suffering of animals and the people who care for them. This overlooks the fact that animal welfare work contributes to the wellbeing of the whole community!


I thought about how I could use my creative expertise and technical skills in collection development and marketing to help on a wider scale. With my talent for developing holistic concepts, I came up with the idea for "Style Dog", for which I also designed the logo. The dogs featured in the designs are real and either come from the street or are waiting in shelters to be adopted.


To create the designs, I paint or edit the motifs of real dogs, which I carefully select, to create unique products. Each of these dogs is allowed to share their personal story on a specially created blog. The special thing about it is that dogs who are still hoping to be adopted have the outstanding opportunity to show where they are waiting for loving people. The charity collection starts with my own three dogs so far.

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  • Johnny, a Chow Chow mix from China, who was once a street dog and who even wrote a book about it.

  • Teddy, a former chain dog from Andalusia, also a chow chow.

  • Nero, a very old German-Belgian shepherd dog from Mallorca who spent half his life in animal shelters under terrible health conditions.

These three dogs and many others that I have rehomed were of course all rescued by animal welfare organisations or rescued from the streets myself. They also tell their stories individually in the blog and in their own "The dogs" section, so that interested parties can quickly find their potential new favourite if necessary.

The products are available via my webshops on Etsy and Redbubble (name: Mallorca Brands) and are individually printed or embroidered per order. This ensures both sustainability and exclusivity. The delivery time is between 5 and 10 days. Animal welfare organisations that are interested in offering their adoptable pets this opportunity are welcome to contact me by e-mail. I will be happy to send you the details and conditions. This also applies to dog shop owners who are interested in the collection.

It is an affair of the heart for me, which gives me a lot of pleasure, but also a lot of work. Due to the low margins of around 20% gross, there are no financial profits as the development and advertising costs are enormous. What's more, I'm not even sure whether anyone buys the products. But that is not my main concern. It is rather a contribution I can make to give a voice to the forgotten and excluded dogs.

If you would like to support the concept:

  • Please like the Mallorca-Brands pages on Instagram and Facebook.

  • Like, comment and share this blog post.

  • Buy the products and carry the message out into the world.

  • But the best thing would be: Adopt one of the stray dogs 🙌❣️

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