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Image by Natalie Parham

The Dogs

These are the stars of the "Style Dog" charity collection. Click on the pictures and find out more:

  • The stories of the dogs.

  • Which one is still waiting to be adopted.

  • Where and with which organisation they are currently.


Street dog from


Mein Design im Shop

Napfunterlage - come to my cloud no 9 - photo 1a.jpg


Beaten chain dog from


Mein Design im Shop

Teddy Sonnenschein .JPG
Style Dog Collection by Claudia Hagn - T-Shirt Teddy - Im just cool


Old sick shepherd dog.

Half his life in shelters.

Mein Design im Shop

Nero Tierheim .jpg
Beutel - Nero-Love me like I love you - IG.jpg
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