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Interior for exclusive projects

Rosa Zimmer

Our studio is in one of the most beautiful places in Europe.

Under the Majorcan sun we design and develop high-quality collections in the textile and interior sector for industry.

It is obvious that the exclusive environment likes to find its way into our studio to take a look around our showroom.

During our office hours or during the regular showings, since the end of 2019, even the discerning end customer can be inspired to furnish their own villa and / or yacht. The same applies to operators of tasteful 4 and 5 star hotels.

Since we have developed our own brand collections in the area of ​​home textiles and fashion in the past, so that we were successfully placed on the market and are still busy with in-house developments. A visit is always exciting.

On request, we would be happy to create individual designs and interiors for discerning tastes and build exclusive overall concepts in private residences, ships or design hotels - based on our experience in creating worlds for industry.

This opportunity for end customers is unique. Because our possibilities and work go far beyond that of an interior designer. Since we creating fabrics by ourselves, according to industry standards, our possibilities are almost limitless when it comes to creating unique interior worlds.

Feel free to contact us. We offer explicitly individually designed and produced:

  • fabrics that we have further assembled from our partners
    - curtains
    - Sheets
    - Set the table
    - or for upholstered furniture

  • bathroom textiles (towels, bath towels, bath mats, bathrobes)

  • carpets (rolled for large objects or rugs and rugs)

  • individual lamp made of hand-painted silk

  • lamps

  • room divider

  • wallpaper and paintings

  • beds

  • various furniture

  • accessories for living

We offer a little insight through our online gallery We offer private customers the opportunity to get convenient pre-inspiration from home, which we are able to implement or have in stock.

This platform also gives freelance designers and artists the opportunity to offer their demanding and valuable work.



We create trend books for industry and, based on them, build theme worlds for non-industrial customers as well

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