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After 18 years of self-employment with 2 studios and a few years in international management and sales, including for Welspun Global Brands Mumbai, now my own textile development studio on the beautiful island of Mallorca.
We offer:
  • Textile Design

  • Textie Technology

  • Loom Datas

  • Designing Collections

  • Creating Concepts

  • Creating genres coll

  • Quality development

  • Patent development

  • Creating brands

  • Brand building and brand removal

  • Catalogue designing

  • Presentation

  • Texts

  • Webdesign and programming

  • Photo studio for product shooting at Mallorca

  • Planning and organisation fairs

  • Trade show

  • Showroom layout

  • Range compilation

  • Order brokerage to producers

  • Sales support

  • Coaching for sales agents

  • Training for designers and technician

  • Production control

You can request our price list here

Textiles Consulting
Almost limitless possibilities
so that your textile business flows successfully.
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